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March 17, 2009





NOTE: The Status Updates are cumulative.  Please read all twenty-two updates.


This Status Update relates solely to the State Court Action.  Judge Mark I. Bernstein has issued a Court Order which I believe may be the final scheduling order in this matter.  The relevant dates are as follows:


            March 19, 2009 -         Fact Discovery must be completed.


            May 29, 2009 -            Expert Discovery must be completed.


            June 2, 2009 -              Pleadings to have aspects of the lawsuit

                                                decided without a trial must be filed.


            August 14, 2009 -       Pre-trial conference.


            September 8, 2009 -    TRIAL BEGINS AT 9:30 A.M.     


Since the trial is in a public forum, anyone who wishes to attend is invited.