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August 2, 2007




NOTE: The Status Updates are cumulative.  Please read all sixteen updates.




I will not comment on pending litigation other than to describe the procedural status of such matters.  Please review update #1 through #15 for additional information.


State Court Action


On July 25, 2007, the Court issued a Case Management Order. This Order does not dispose of the various pleadings which have been filed but establishes a timetable for the Trustee lawsuit if the Trustee’s oppositions to the motions to dismiss are granted.


The more important dates are:


                        September 2, 2008                  Discovery Completion

                        February 2, 2009                     Preliminary Settlement Conference

                        April 6, 2009                           Preliminary Trial Date


Accordingly, I believe there will be little activity to report on the State Court Litigation until February, 2009.